Call Screening and Blocking

Have total control over the calls you receive. Call screening feature enables you to decide who can call you. Now you can accept, reject, block certain numbers or if you wish, send others to voicemail.

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Manage the Incoming Calls you receive

Suppose, your workdays are already very hectic; and you don't want to receive bothersome or opportune calls. Choose which calls to accept and attend selective callers at your wish. Avail the outstanding feature of Call Screening provided by Vitel Global Communications.

Identify your Callers

Prior to the connection of the incoming call, Caller ID data is displayed. You can use it as a guide to choose whether you wish to answer the call. So, you can reply, reject, or send it straight to voicemail. As an additional layer of Call screening, set up your account such that your desk phone asks callers to say their names before the call connects.

Respond in a Quick and Personalized Manner

Set up you desk phone to know the department or expension and choose your way to reply. Answer crucial calls with a pre-recorded text-to-speech greeting or with a personalized message from your Vitel Global Account.

Call Blocking

Block particular unwanted phone numbers, entire area codes, or certain callers without caller ID. This feature enables you to permanently ensure that they never get through to you again.

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Plan your response prior to answering the call

In order to decide how to reply, set up your desk phone to hear whose department or extension is calling.

Power-up your professionalism with automatic callback option

Automatic callback option not only provides ease for your consumers but also significantly reduces waiting times by restricting the phone tag.

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Features and Benefits of Call Screening

  • Call Routing

    A crucial component of call screening is call routing. It connects incoming callers without putting them on wait to the correct agent or department.

  • By routing business calls to numbers other than the agent's office desk phone, remote call forwarding feature connects the incoming callers to the relevant and capable agents.

  • If you want to limit calls from particular phone numbers, area codes, and zip codes, call blocking can assist you with this

  • The "Do Not Disturb" function automatically passes calls to voicemail or other agents for a predetermined period of time when an agent doesn't want to attend incoming calls for a few hours but not blocking the calls entirely.

  • When an agent is unable to answer the phone, he can enable the text-to-speech messaging function in the business phones. It delivers incoming callers a pre-recorded or personalized message.

  • Inbound callers can plan automated customer callbacks for their desired time. It may be any day they wish.

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