Customized management for multi-site organizations

In order to suit any business demand, Vitel Global is dedicated to offer our clients with scalable communications management solutions.

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Better Operations with Regional Site management

Vitel Global offers flexible localized site administration features with adjustable administrative rights to effectively support your expanding business.

Easy Account Management

By making it simple for you to manage users, phone numbers, and devices across all sites from your administrative portal, Vitel Global streamlines workflows by doing away with the need for external administration tools.

Enhanced management with omnipresence

This feature provides a centralized dashboard or control panel that enables administrators to manage and configure the phone system for multiple sites or locations, including user accounts, call routing, and other settings.

Remote Work is Simplified

This is particularly useful for businesses with multiple offices or remote workers, as it allows them to maintain a consistent phone system across all locations and manage it efficiently from a single interface.

Customized Management for Multi-Site Organizations | Cloud phone system

Manage business Operations from one Location:

Multi site management feature allows business leaders to manage their cloud phone system across multiple locations or sites from a central location.

Performance Tracking

You can more accurately track and attribute each site performance inside your bigger corporate perspective with the help of Vitel Global multi-site support function.

Customized Management for Multi-Site Organizations | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Multi-site Management

  • Centralized Management

    With a Multi-site Management feature, businesses can manage all of their phone systems from a central location resulting in simplifying administration and low risk of errors.

  • This feature ensures that all sites and locations have consistent settings and configurations. This provides a more seamless experience for users and reduces confusion.

  • Now, it is easy to add or remove users, phone lines, and other resources across multiple sites or locations. Hence, it is easier to scale the phone system as your business grows.

  • Avail a high degree of flexibility, allowing administrators to configure settings and features based on the needs of each site or location.

  • With a centralized system, businesses can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining multiple phone systems. Additionally, the ability to add remote workers can reduce the need for expensive office space or travel.

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