Monitor your staff irrespective of your current location

It gives you the strategic visibility of the phone status of your coworkers and any designated admins thanks to presence.

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Advanced Applications

Desk phones often have this call presence feature in-built so that administrative assistants and other monitoring people can find a phone number's status for work purposes.

Mobile Presence

keep in touch with coworkers, employees connected to your business phone system just by downloading and installing a Cloud based softphone app on your smartphone. You can take calls, use instant messaging, and participate in conference calls using an app.

Comforts & Accelerates Remote Work Culture

This call presence information is found logically on mobile devices. Cloud call center software makes better use of phone presence functions enabling managers to observe all active calls, and agent status. Supervisors can keep an eye on or join calls as needed with this level of control.

CDon’t Guess! Get the Logical Information:

Eliminate guesswork with real-time presence data for intended phone lines. It displays the status of a phone extension or a business phone line. A quick peek at the state of the line, including whether it is busy, ringing, or unavailable, is provided by call/phone presence.

Desk and Mobile App for Omnipresence | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Join hands with advanced cloud technology

Your coworkers can now readily view your presence status, which is either Available, Invisible, or Do Not Disturb, whether you are using your desk phone, a mobile app, or a softphone.

Support your team with remote work culture saving investments

Phone presence enables managers to observe all active calls, agent status, and supervisor tools to keep an eye on or join calls as needed with a great level of control.

Desk and Mobile App for Omnipresence | Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Omnipresence

  • Least Interruptions

    Instead of passing a call through, you can opt to take messages.

  • Now, you can inform your callers in advance that they will reach voicemail by saying so.

  • There is no need to search if somebody is at their desk by moving here and there. Logical information about every phone presence is one click away.

  • Anyone who is available can take the inbound calls. Cloud technology offers a single platform that is accessible to every one of your agents.

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