Virtual voicemail enables voicemails at your wish

Easily manage voicemails with a desktop or mobile app.

Take Off

Save Your Valuable Time:

Now, you can view the list of the voice messages and select any one to listen to or delete without dialing into voicemail.

Transcribe your Voicemails

Modern voicemail services let users play, forward, and transcribe messages for quick reading. It saves your time remarkably so that you can focus on more complicated operations.

Listen to voicemail in any order and receive a list of who has left you messages

Visual voicemail helps you pick what to listen to, which messages to delete or store, mark as unread, and call individuals back with ease.

Flexible Routing Option

This cloud based virtual voicemail feature enables voice messages to be forwarded to any email address and translated to text via voicemail transcription.

Virtual Voicemail Feature | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Interface with your voicemails

Virtual voicemail offers access to voicemail messages without dialing your voicemail.

Respond to Every Client:

Even after business hours or an unanswered call, visual voicemail automatically send calls to voicemail.

Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Virtual Voicemail

  • Saves Time

    Instant playback allows you to quickly review your voicemail inbox.

  • The visual voicemail service can speed up the reading of voicemail around 60%

  • Send voicemails to your staff for immediate handling.

  • Keep track of voicemails with the help of your virtual phone system.

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