Reliable communicational tools are a boon for a business
functioning together seated in different parts of the world.


How can a business benefit from VoIP?

We understand your business better. We know how vital communication is, in a business environment. Collaboration and knowledge sharing is an integral part of productivity and that is where we pitch ourselves. Reliable communicational tools are a boon for a business functioning together seated in different parts of the world. Our design and range of services are tailor made to suit your kind of business model.

Key Benefits of VoIP to small and mid-size businesses :

Vitel Key Benefits

Reduced Cost :

Our pricing is non-linear. It means that now you don't have to cap your call volumes and urge your staff or employees to keep it short, robbing them of effective communications. For a specific plan and pricing, you get to make unlimited calls, both national and international, at the price a small or mid size business can afford.

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Modern technology at affordable prices :

Our customers don't have to look out and invest in expensive PBX systems and are neither expected to configure and install them. At Vitel Global, it is our responsibility. Our team of dedicated service engineers will set up the PBX system on high end server and configure as per your needs. These advantages come at no extra cost; instead they are included in the tariff and our service standards.

A Connected World :

With our systems you can avail telecommunications features that let you communicate from any corporate office to a remote office or even connect work-from-home employees to your hub.

All your national and international calls will come under a single slab of pricing so you don't have to invest separately. All you need is an extension or DID to establish channel among them and your world class communication tool is up.

You can also make use of the efficient call conferencing system where you can add more than 2 individuals across the globe, helping you achieve a collaboration you deserve.

Integration :

Customer service and client handling are core aspects of any business. We understand that fact and thus, have integrated CRM and contact management systems taking advantage of the modern PBX system which already stands as our USP.

Up and Running in No Time

Run time and installation times are something we believe are the key parts of service to a client. We know that you don't want an installation that goes on for weeks and configurations taking hours. Our VoIP connections architecture allows us to install the hardware in minutes and most of the IP phones configure themselves.

Now you can move you phones across rooms and install it by yourself, just by connecting a wire.

Vitel Connect World

Advantages of VoIP phone services for business communication systems in NJ, United States

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