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Maintain your current phone numbers (number Portability to VoIP system)

You can retain your number when you switch to our hosted PBX systems. Our trained technical staff will make the transition in a hassle free manner.
Remote Voice

Remote Voice mail access

Access your voice mail from a remote phone.
Voice mail

Voice mail with e-mail notification

Tired of scrolling through the voice mails? We understand that. Our smart Voicemail system sends an email as soon as a voice mail arrives.

Follow me

Follow me

Travelling? Don't want to carry your office phone with you but want the calls to come along? You can now have all your calls routed to your Cell Phone when you are not on your desk.

Ring groups

Ring groups

Ring groups allow you to configure multiple phones to ring at the same time. For example, when a prospect calls and selects 1 for Sales, you can have all the sales folks phones ring at the same time.


Local and / or Remote IP Phone Extensions with Voice Mail, Music on Hold

Local and / or Remote IP Phone Extensions with Voice Mail, Music on Hold.

Branch office support

Branch office support

With Vitel Global's hosted IP phone system, you can have one team sitting in New York and your branch office in Los Angeles or New Delhi; they are just an extension number away.

VOIP Extensions

As Many as you need VOIP Extensions

Add as many extensions as your business needs without worrying about expensive PBX systems upgrade or server upgrades. Small business VoIP service does not need to be small anymore.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Our hosted PBX phone system can be easily configured to act as a Virtual Receptionist. Now, when your customers call, they can be greeted by your virtual receptionist and based on their needs, be transferred to the respective extension or department.

VoIP Fax

VoIP Fax or Fax over IP

It's time for you to retire your fax machine for good. Your virtual hosted PBX system can also send and receive Fax. This will also act as your VoIP Fax machine.


Web based intuitive configurator

Vitel Global's small business VoIP phone systems can be easily configured and reconfigured as per your rapidly changing business needs.

Flash Real Time Operator

Flash Real Time Operator Panel

Our customers can quickly see status of any extension without physically going near that phone. This will help you be on top of your game.

Call recording

Call recording and reporting

Record calls effortlessly.

Call waiting

Call waiting

Quickly see who is calling even while you are on a call, access the other call while putting current/active call on hold.

Conference Calling

Conference Calling - Conference Bridge

Want to conference your Sales guy in the field with your customer on the phone with your support rep in a different time zone? No problem. Vitel Global is the best small business VoIP provider who can make this happen without breaking your bank.

Auto Attendant

Night and Day Auto attendant

Configure time zones for each extension. You can have calls transferred to a different location based on that phone systems profile.

Music On Hold

Music On Hold

With Vitel Global's hosted VoIP for small business, you can decide what music plays when a customer is on hold or record custom messages for your customers.

Call Transfer

Call Transfer

Transferring calls from one extension to the other is a breeze with our small business VoIP phones.

Remote Extension

Off Premise Extension - Remote Extension

Perfect for companies that encourage telecommuting and working from home. All your employees will be on the same VoIP hosted pbx system.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

Our hosted PBX solutions Auto attendant feature allows callers to access directory of users, thereby enabling them to connect to the party of their choice. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, etc.

Direct Inward System Access

DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

Vitel Global's small business VoIP phone service provides a facility where a remote user can dial into the Corporate network and dial out.

Call Logs

Call Logs

Our VoIP system provides one click access to usage logs and custom call logs.

Call back

Call back

If you do not want your customers to wait on the line to be serviced but at the same time, do not want to lose seniority in the call queue, then Call Back feature can be used. The caller can simply press '1', enter his phone number and he will be called back when his turn arises.

Contact Management

Contact Management, Calendar CRM Package

Integrating with 3rd party tools makes the hosted VoIP PBX system even more versatile.

Directory access

Directory access

Access your entire global employee list (GAL) through the directory feature...



Vitel Global's VoIP business phone service's unique billing software allows the customers to clearly see the amount being charged on a monthly basis.


Automatic schedule backup (to increase the system survivability)

Our small business hosted PBX system is backed up on a regular basis.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

With this feature, you can send callers directly to voice message.



The hosted PBX service scales up to fit your growing business needs.


Lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO)

Our VoIP phone systems for small business dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership. With options for unlimited local and long distance calls, overages will be history. Check our flexible pricing plans or contact us at info@vitelglobal.com.

Voice and Data services Features for business communications system in New Jersey, USA

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